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I am a registered Midwife and the founder and director of Pathway to Parenthood. Setting up a one stop maternity hub has always been a dream of mine, after years of dreaming I will finally be able to open the doors this September. I have worked as a Midwife in hospital and community settings and am currently based in a Birth Centre, which I love. 


Having a passion for Antenatal education/birth/parenthood preparation is what led me to the idea of PTP. There are so many resources out there for parents/parents to be, having them all together under one roof makes them accessible for all. The journey into parenthood can be overwhelming,  I believe having access to evidence based education, holistic care, classes and a social network is an invaluable tool during this time. 


Out of PTP and Midwifery hours I love spending time with my 3 kids and Husband. You'll often find me socialising with my "Tribe", an invaluable group of friends. A lover of seeing the world and all things cultural, I have a bucket list as long as the M4. Also a qualified Ice skating coach, I love being active and taking on new challenges. 


"I can not wait to get those doors open and meet you all. You'll find me bursting like a bottle of fizzy pop awaiting your arrival"


- Kat

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