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Melanie started her yoga journey about 5 years ago and really fell in love with the power of yoga when she did her teacher training in Colombia. Yoga helped her peel back every layer of her being and provided her with a rebirth where she was able to liberate herself from physical and mental boundaries and limitations, some she didn't even she had! For her pre-natal yoga feels amazing for the physical body but there's more to it than that, it enables women to return to their authentic selves and to their centre, away from all the layers of life. It allows women to take a moment of peace and calm and to reconnect with themselves and their growing babies so that they can quite simply lead a more peaceful, empowered and happy life, and for this radiating energy to then ripple into the rest of the world, empowering one woman at a time. Through her classes she yearns to create a safe space that enables women to share and feel this simple, feel-good, nourishing energy and for women to be able to have a moment of pure bliss by working with the magic of yoga to re-align the body, mind and soul and live out the best versions of themselves for them and their little ones.

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