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Antenatal Education course led by Experts!
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Support Group


Water Birth

Kat will talk you through the physiology of labour. Providing much needed information on what your body will go through, and how best to prepare your body. Covering all your questions such as "When should I call a Midwife?" Providing research-based advice on topics such as early labour, how to manage it at home, how progress of labour is assessed. Information will be provided on Water birth, Hypnobirthing, Home births, Mobility in Labour, non-pharmacological pain relief, management of the third stage of labour, cord clamping and the role of the birth partner/birth partners.



Led by a Senior Clinical Midwife/Expert, a discussion will take place surrounding high risk pregnancies and an introduction to medical intervention in labour. What to expect in the case of induction of labour, instrumental deliveries ventouse and forceps, caesarean section, breech babies and twin birth.

Information will be provided on the full range of pain relief options in labour such as, tens machine, paracetamol, pethidine, epidurals and spinal anesthesia.

We aim to provide you with all the information you need for every eventuality, in the hope that you will be full prepared for wherever your birth journey takes you.



Father and Daughter

The postnatal period, we like to call it The "Fourth Stage of Labour".

Caring for your newborn following birth can be overwhelming for parents. Feeding your baby will most definitely be a priority for you, especially as you prepare for the arrival of your bundle.
Using evidence-based research Lucy will discuss Infant feeding. You will be given non-judgmental advice on breast and bottle feeding such as


  • When and how much to feed your baby​

  • Winding, expressing and storing milk.-

  • Learning to recognise some of the most common feeding problems such as

  • Low milk supply, oversupply, nipple pain, mastitis, tongue tie and everything in between.

We will be discussing how best to take care of your body following birth. Advice will be given on pelvic floor recovery, core recovery and safer return to exercise.

The importance of checking in on your mental health post-delivery Is paramount to a healthy recovery.
Your journey into becoming a parent whether it be the first or 2nd…..time is not only physically challenging, but emotionally challenging. We often forget to take a breath and check in on how we feel mentally. If left unnoticed it can have an effect on both parents emotional well being, which can impact on our relationships with each other and our babies.

Strategies to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that is parenthood will be discussed. We aim to provide you with an insight into what our normal emotions are, “The baby blues”,  so that you can understand when you as parents may need more support, and where to find this support.



Happy Family

During week four we separate the pregnant persons and partners into 2 groups.  Giving the opportunity to talk openly in a safe space, maybe ask questions that you’re not comfortable to bother your partner with.  We will also be inviting new parents to the group to talk to you all about their experience, the hope that it will give you the “The Real Picture” of the early days of parenthood.

Partners Session


A chance to ask the experts all those burning questions, express your fears in a safe space so you are better prepared for the birth and beyond experience.  A chance to chat to a new Dad/Partner gain some much needed knowledge and to listen to what it is really like.  Feel free to bring your car seats and buggies and help each other put them together. Beers will be on hand, a chance to chill with your fellow course partners and chat in a safe space.


Pregnant People


Often we are so caught up in day-to-day life, preparing our labour bag, what cot, what pram to buy we forget to check in with what we need.  We forget to ask those burning questions that we don’t want to worry our partners with. This session allows you to take a seat, have your nails done (yup that really will happen). Talk to a Midwife in a more intimate setting, ask the questions you are just not comfortable asking in front of your partner. A chance to chat to a new parent about their birth experience, and the first few days of being with a newborn.  Mocktails will be on hand, you will be pampered in a relaxed and safe environment.



Friends & Pizza

A meal over Cardiff Bay with your fellow course couples. Time to relax, get to know each other before you commence on the nest stage of your journey.  New parents can often feel lonely and overwhelmed, having a close network of like-minded people, who are going through the same journey as you is invaluable in the early stages of parenting. The meal is paid for by PTP, as a thankyou from the team for putting your trust in us, allowing us to educate and prepare you for birth and beyond.




Young Mother and Baby

A group postnatal Mummy Check in.  Let’s schedule you in for a check in with Laura, who will provide you with much needed advice on postnatal recovery, check for diastasis, tips on pelvic floor and core recovery, however you birthed your little one. Bring your newborn, have a chat with the Midwives about feeding, emotions, sit and have a cuppa with the other mums from your antenatal class in a safe environment.  More often than not we forget about ourselves in the postnatal period. Self-care is so important, if scheduled in our diaries before birth we are more likely to allow ourselves that time.


We advise this taking place 4-8 weeks post birth.

*Pricing plan on the page above!

A Toddler and a Baby
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