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During pregnancy Aquanatal can be a very effective, soothing way of exercising. We advise starting from the fourteenth week of pregnancy, and continuing right through to the last trimester. Held in The Miskin Manor Health and Leisure Club, the pool offers a warm environment. This can promote natural stretching, and flexibility, which is both stimulating and soothing.


There are numerous physical and emotional benefits to aquanatal. 


  • Prepares your body for birth 

  • The water fully supports you 

  • Movements open the hips 

  • Activity with low impact 

  • Pelvic floor awareness 

  • Balances hormones 

  • Meet other expectant mums and socialise 

  • Encourages bonding with your baby 

  • Leave the class feeling relaxed and happy (So will your baby)!

You can book a Single session for £15, or there is a 5 week course available for £60!



Sunday 10:00
Monday 10:30


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