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Baby Massage

Our baby massage classes at Pathway to Parenthood offer the perfect space for a relaxing and beautiful bonding experience with your baby and the time to meet other new parents and share tips or concerns in a safe environment. The hour session (which usually runs over as we are too busy chatting) is run by Amy. Feel free to bring your partner or come alone.

Courses will run over four weeks, introducing new strokes each week, and building to a full body massage by the end of the course. Strokes are introduced slowly so you can become comfortable and familiar, with a focus on different areas of the body each session so that if your baby missed some massage time due to feeding, you're not missing out.


The massage will be BABY LED, respecting and listening to your baby’s needs throughout. Here at PTP all baby needs are valid and welcomed in our classes; feeding, changing, and crying throughout the class is no issue (whether that's baby or you)!


Baby massage has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years, and with a multitude of benefits to both yourself and your baby, it’s not hard to see why. Benefits include:

  • Improved sleep – research has shown more regular sleeping patterns in babies massaged regularly

  • Development – massage stimulates babies’ physical, emotional and mental development

  • Relief – massage has been proven to relieve many common ailments in babies, including colic, wind, reflux, constipation, sleep and teething

It’s also a lovely chance to meet and socialise other new parents and their babies!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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