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Baby Yoga Flow

Postnatal classes here at PTP are an opportunity for mum and baby to bond relax and build strength in a completely safe and nourishing setting.

We look at rebuilding strength and connection for the mum and her new body, specifically in the core, pelvic floor, and releasing any areas of tightness through breathwork and poses. We also incorperate a little bit of baby yoga where we look at building strength and co ordination, healthy digestion, robust joints and easing things like colic, encouraging healthy development.
It is a space of support for mum and baby not only physically but also mentally, keeping them strong both in body and mind. Birth and postnatal life can be quite a big change and here at PTP we aim to support both mum and baby in the best way we can with the skills that we have accumulated over the years.  

Creating a space of real community that allows them to cleanse, to build and to grow step by step on their new journey.  

The class is informal in the sense that every situation is welcome, postnatal life can be beautifully unpredictable and whatever is needed in that moment is embraced. Whether baby needs feeding, changing, a cuddle or mum needs to rest, that is okay and there is space for it all. It is a lovely opportunity to meet new friends on the same journey as you and there is even an amazing cwtch area to make mum and baby super comfortable!  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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