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Birth Reflections

Birth Reflections are for parents who wish to discuss their birth experience. Reflections can take place in our maternity hub or in the comfort of your own home. Both parents can be present, we also offer one-to-one reflections for each parent as more often than not, the birthing partner may have unanswered questions surrounding the birth experience. The cost of a birth reflection is £75, normally lasting 1-2 hours however, there is no time limit on the session.

The aim of the birth reflection is to achieve clarity regarding the birth experience. The reflection will be facilitated by a qualified midwife, providing an opportunity for you to discuss the events with a midwife who has an impartial point of view. You may have questions surrounding the care you received, questions in relation to why the birth went the way it did, and why certain decisions were made. You may simply want complete reassurance that the care you received was appropriate and although you had a 'beautiful birth' without medical complications, your perception is different. The birth reflection allows time to talk through your thoughts with a professional as to why you feel this way.

Talking through your experience will enable you to close the chapter and move forward into parenthood. Birth experiences often stay with parents for years to come; some are so traumatic they can prevent parents from planning future pregnancies.

If you wish to have your maternity notes with you during the birth reflection you are able to request a copy of them from your birthing hospital though there may be a fee. By law, maternity departments are required to store maternity records for 25 years following birth. For advice on how to obtain your record contact the maternity department where you birthed.



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