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Ffion is a qualified Midwife, Hypnobirthing instructor, certified by the KG Hypnobirthing company, aromatherapist and baby massage instructor. 

Ffion has worked as a midwife in both the hospital and community, incorporating her experiences into her teachings for an in-depth, mindful service. Her passion for helping birthing people is only surpassed by her love of fluffy animals, though they aren’t as good at reading our course information!

With a view of holistic care, her aim is to provide parents with the knowledge and confidence to make truly informed decisions, increase confidence and dispel fears surrounding childbirth. Her friendly demeanor will put you at ease and classes will be relaxed and informal where you will meet kindred spirits on a similar path to parenthood.

Her passion for aromatherapy is clear and she will help you choose oils for your specific needs and ailments and will make you feel comfortable (even if getting half-naked in front of a stranger doesn't seem comforting!).

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