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Homebirth Workshop


Planning a Homebirth?? Swaying between a hospital/homebirth? Do you have questions around what you need to get? What if I need to be transferred? How will I cope? And so on....... Have you had a Homebirth and wish to share your experience? Come along and share the love❤💓

Join us at Pathway to Parenthood for an intimate and informative home birth workshop led by a highly experienced midwife who specializes in home births. This workshop is designed for expectant parents who are considering or planning a home birth and want to learn more about the process, benefits, and challenges of giving birth in the comfort of their own home

Led by @kat_the_midwife who is predominantly a Homebirth Midwife. The session will include the benifits of birthing at home, what you can expect, give you the oppourtunnity to ask all the "What if" questions you can think off❤

Based in @roots.cardiff where you can treat yourself to some delicious food/drinks also.

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