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Breastfeeding Support Package


A Support Package to help you on your Breastfeeding journey.
4 Appointments in the comfort of your own home,


Your first visit will include-

Feeding your baby will most definitely be a priority for you, especially as you prepare for the arrival of your bundle.Using evidence-based research Lucy will discuss Infant feeding. You will be given non-judgmental advice on breast and bottle feeding such as

  • When and how much to feed your baby​

  • Winding, expressing and storing milk.-

  • Learning to recognise some of the most common feeding problems such as

  • Low milk supply, oversupply, nipple pain, mastitis, tongue tie and everything in between.

  • Colostrum Harvesting

Your second visit will include-

As soon as possible after birth we will visit you to assess position and attatchtment, to be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and support you on the start of your feeding journey.

Your third and fourth visit can be arranged as and when required by you.

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