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Journaling with Liz


So April 1st.....

Women's Creative Journal Workshop by Liz @ Soul Creative Circle.

2 hours (10.30 - 12.30).

To include:
-A short introduction to each other and a settling activity. 
-A 1.5 hour creative journal session and space to be held and heard in
order to aid wellbeing, mental health and self discovery.
-To finish with a space to share thoughts and products that have come from the session followed by a short closing activity.  

No experience with art or journaling necessary. The impact of journaling comes from the process, so all participants are encouraged to leave their expectations of themselves at the door and go with the flow.

All creative resources provided.
Participants are welcome to bring their own journals, use paper that I provide or purchase a journal from me on the day.

Maternal Journal Course

Maternal Journal is a creative journal group which follows principles that support new mums, mums to be and those who identify as being in a maternal role with the challenges parenthood can present.

The benefits of journaling for maternal mental health are huge. These sessions help mums to create connections, build confidence, celebrate the good times and hold them in the difficult times.

Through this practice you can discover yourself again after the life change of having a baby and it provides you space and time for the ultimate act of self care. 

No experience necessary, you do not need to be a creative to do this, it's really about therapeutic process rather than what we create.

Bring your own journal or you can buy them from myself on the day.

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