Independent Midwifery Services


I'm Kat, and I'm an Independent Midwife based in Wales.

But before now I was a Registered Midwife in a Birth Centre, and a Community Midwife which is what led me to want to pursue independent Midwifery.
Midwifery has always been a passion of mine, and being able to share that now on such a personal, and emotional level has been incredible.
My goals are -

  • To make the woman feel as comfortable as possible.

  • To ensure that she knows all of the options, and oppourtunities she has and is allowed to choose from.

  • To involve your birth partner, and ensuring that they feel comfortable and welcome during your birthing journey.

  • To make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as you and your partner/family desire.

  • To listen to you and your partner/family throughout your birthing journey and find the answer to every question you may have.

The journey into parenthood can be overwhelming, and so it is my duty to ensure that you feel the most comfortable, and the most informed that you possibly can be by the time your little one enters the world. My services will allow you to be educated on all different types of level, for instance you will get a chance to learn about antenatal care and how to cope and adapt with your body as it changes to cater for your child. I believe it is extremely important that your birth partner to be there if they so wish to be, and encourage both parents/guardians to be informed. It is not only important, but it can empower you as a woman, and make the journey a little scary, and a lot more enjoyable for you and your partner/family.

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