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Naturopathy Consultation 

Fertility treatment with our Naturopath


A total of four Consultations with Mel, a personal and detailed tailored treatment plan to help you on your journey with fertility-


Fertility is such a personal journey, for some it can be a complex and challenging topic. Naturopathy teaches us to take time to reflect and address who we are and make simple life changes in order to achieve our best self.


Naturopathy is a holistic approach where we look at your case history, lifestyle and nutrition. Together we look at your entire body’s functionality, the way you lead your life in order to bring you back into a healthy and balanced state, and make your biggest dream a reality. 


In naturopathy we believe in the connection and power of nature, we believe that anything is resolvable, if we worked ourselves into a situation, we can work ourselves out of it too. With these private consultations you will be able to reflect on yourself, re-access your goals, gain knowledge in order to understand any internal imbalances that you may not have been aware of  and how to change them.  Together we will create a treatment plan completely tailored to you and your needs in order to try and bring on conception. 


Every single one of us is different and in naturopathy we do not believe one size fits all, we look at the individual in detail and work with the individual alone. The initial consultation will be around an hour and a half. A chance for me to understand your case history and who you are with a detailed questionnaire. Then the three follow up consultations will be one hour long, offering a chance to look at your progress over a period of time and alter what is needed in order to reach your goals. We will look at diet, hydration and supplementation,  stripping it all back, to then bring yourself back into a clean, balanced and centered state in order to begin your fertility journey. Naturopathic medicine incorporates Ayurveda, Celtic wisdom, modern medicine and Chinese medicine and different techniques will be used depending on your case. Giving you the chance to really get to know yourself, to feel your best and hopefully bringing in the life path that you desire. 


I look forward to working with you 



4 Consultations - £220

To book please email us at,, and

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