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              Postnatal Home Visits

After the birth parents often find they need little extra support, this could be some reassurance, help with feeding or even just a cuppa and a chat.  Here at Pathway to Parenthood we offer postnatal support upto day 28 after having a baby.  The service we provide does not replace the role of your NHS Midwife.  We have designed the visits to compliment your community midwife lists, or if you wish for further support when the community midwife visits stop.

Postnatal visits can be as and when you feel you need the support, completely flexible and guided by you.  No advanced booking is needed, simply contact The Hub and we will arrange a visit the same day if necessary.

First visit-

Initial Visit - usually approximately 2-3 hours


The home visits consists of

  • Discussion/Debrief about your birth journey

  • Full postnatal check for you and your baby

  • Observation of infant feeding, wether breast/bottle/mixed feeding

  • Helping to bath your baby

  • If appropriate we can weigh your baby

  • We are there to answer any of your questions

  • Providing useful hints and tips for those early day on your pathway to parenthood

There is no time limit, we can stay as long as you need us. The first visit is often the most important visit.  Taking home a newborn is often a nerve racking but exciting time.  Having extra support and questions answered can make the experience more enjoyable.  Follow up appointments can be arranged at a cost of £60

We will leave you with a full written report of each visit, this includes any plans we may make together. The report is also available for you to share with your NHS community Midwife.  Your designated Midwife will also leave you with her contact details, should you need to contact her at anytime.

For further information or to book please email or telephone 07817621064

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