Postnatal Personal Training

Why make Laura YOUR own Coach and PT?
She will assess your goals, your habits, your obstacles, your mind in DETAIL
She will shape the programme to what YOU need and what WILL WORK FOR YOU
She will challenge you in a way that works for YOUR personality
She will be your friend outside of your PT session, as she knows that to get results you need as much contact time as possible
She will use a mix of tools to help you improve in all areas of exercise, sleep, hydration, food, mindfulness, planning and time management.

Whether you want 

To exercise safely during pregnancy 

To rehab your body and mind from pregnancy ( diastasis, c- section, pelvic floor, posture change) 

To return to exercise or sport post pregnancy or injury 

To Improve health, fitness, confidence, energy levels even at the busiest and least motivated times

Book now for, £40 per session