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Pregnancy Wellness Plan

✨NEW ✨ Pregnancy Wellness Packages 🤰

One package to take care of all of your pregnancy needs worth over £750.

This package includes-
10 Prenatal Yoga or Aquanatal sessions (can do 5 +5)

4 pregnancy massages

1 Birth partner massage

Hypnobirthing Audio Resource or In person Hypno snap shot session

Our full 6 week Antenatal course

Prenatal yoga and Aquanatal can be started from13 weeks pregnancy  

Massage can be booked from 13 weeks of pregnancy right up till Birth 

We advise booking onto the Antenatal Course between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy

Feeding your mind and soul, is just as important as feeding your body. Pregnancy is a journey like no other, take the time to treat yourself whilst your amazing body grows your tiny human

We are offering a payment plan to enable you to split your payments over the course of your pregnancy
For more information Click the Pricing Plan Button below.

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