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  1. All pool facility rules applied by the hire pool, also apply to Pathway to Parenthood customers.

  2. All known relevant medical conditions of parent/carer & child must be disclosed to Pathway to Parenthood Ltd and we ask you to updated us if anything changes in the future.

  3. Please do not bring your baby if they are unwell.

  4. Following illness, sickness or diarrhoea your child must be clear of symptoms at least 48 hours prior to attendance at class.

  5. Young children must wear a swim nappy or reusable nappy AND A nappy cover. Newly toilet trained children should wear a reusable swim nappy until you are fully confidence they will tell you within enough time!

  6. All nappies must placed in the specific nappy bin provided - not the general waste bins.

  7. Only one adult may enter the water with each baby/toddler. That adult is exclusively responsible for the safety of the baby/toddler both in the pool and the surrounding areas.

  8. Pathway to Parenthood Ltd and venue will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whilst on the premises. This includes misuse of equipment.

  9. Photography is not permitted without arrangement and agreement with the Pathway to Parenthood instructor.

  10. If practising activities/ applications learnt at Pathway to Parenthood Ltd outside of the class, you are are fully responsible for the activities/ applications carried out.

  11. The teacher is in the water in all classes to help and assist both adults and child. You give permission for your child to be physically supported by the teacher. 

  12. Your booking and payment secures your child's place at a certain day and time, therefore if you wish to cancel your booking, only half the payment can be refunded.

  13. If you miss a class, you will be offered to arrange a catch up class, on another day and time.

  14. Pathway to Parenthood Ltd is committed to providing good child safeguarding practice for all our swimmers. If you have a question or concern regarding child welfare, please informed your teacher as soon as possible. The NSPCC have a dedicated helpline for anyone wishing to raise a safeguarding or welfare concern to contact call on 0808 800 5000 . If you think there has been a crime committed please call the police – 999.

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