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A unique 3 week course focusing specifically on 'Tummy Time' Come and learn how to safely and actively engage your baby in 'Tummy Time' making it FUN!

Week One: Focuses on the history of 'Tummy Time', the benefits, ages and stages, it's importance and what can happen due to a lack of 'Tummy Time' and props that can be used to help engage baby in 'Tummy Time' safely.

Week Two: Focuses on 'props and positioning' Props are essential to helping support your baby during 'Tummy Time'. As are the ways in which to position babies to keep them engaged, which aren't necessarily 'on the floor'.

Week Three: Focuses on 'Baby Yoga' positions that can be used to help support baby in 'Tummy Time' and 'Baby Massage' positions that also help to support baby. Finishing off with a 'Stay and Play' half of the session and graduation certificate.

Click the link below to book your 3 week Tummy Time course now!

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