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Womens Circles

- A cacao ceremony is a special and powerful place which allows people to put themselves first, reconnect with their inner power, move past certain tricky situations or just simply relax and enjoy drinking the deliciousness of chocolate in it's raw form; and feel amazing after ! 

- An opportunity for all mothers (whether that be new mothers or mothers who have been on that path for a while) to tap back into their inner strength and step into their full power; as a mother and as an individual. 

- A bit about me : I travelled all around Latin America for a few years back in my early twenties and came across a herbalism course during my time there. Within this course we studied various different plants but would always participate in a Cacao ceremony with our teacher each week. We learnt how to prepare the Cacao, host respectful ceremonies ourselves and learn about all of the ancestral history behind it. I then connected with a few indigenous communities around who also continued to tell me about their connection with Cacao and eventually when it was time for me to come back to the UK, I came back with 2kgs of Cacao in my backpack ready to share this incredible plant with everyone back home. Some of the realisations and breakthroughs I had with Cacao were surreal and I wanted everyone to have the potential opportunity to feel the same; just as people have been having for thousands of years.

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